Gindi Thai And Lesly Kahn

22 Oct

As much as I love cooking, I equally love going to a good restaurant. Because eating is such a communal activity, it’s the most common thing we do when a friend says, “I haven’t seen you in awhile, want to get together next week?” Plus, we all have to eat. Moe Friday (yes, that’s his real name), a friend from acting class, emailed me recently to congratulate me on my blog and we said it had been too long so let’s get together for dinner after work. I picked a restaurant I had eaten at once for lunch and been looking for an excuse to go back to, Gindi Thai. It’s yummy deliciousness in the Burbank/Toluca Lake area. We split an appetizer of Crispy Spring Rolls (no picture as we devoured them very quickly, lol), as we started to play catch up. For dinner I had their Gra Pow from the Wok and Moe had the Mango Avocado Shrimp Salad. We chowed down and caught up on the last few months. I have to say, food is the best way to play catch up.

My dinner was chicken with Thai basil leaves, fresh garlic, chili, bell peppers and white wine. Gindi Thai

Mango Avocado Shrimp Salad: Shrimps, mango, onion tossed in tangy spicy dressing on halved avocado and spring mix. Gindi Thai

Like the title of this post indicates, it’s not just the food I care to share with you today. Moe and I met in acting class at Lesly Kahn & Company. I was referred to LK & Co by my friends Angel & Eric (remember them from a previous post) and I LOVE it there! In my first class there I met Moe and 10 other amazing actors and we bonded by the end of the two week intensive in a way I had never done in an acting class before. The environment that Lesly Kahn creates at her studio is welcoming, creative, and thriving among other loving adjectives that are escaping my tongue right now. It’s not about Meisner or Stanislavsky, it’s about the basic principle of acting: listening and reacting. She has about half a dozen teachers and classes happening 6 days of the week for all levels. In addition to classes there are also workshops that range from learning about pilots and writing your own material, to Q&A’s with successful actors and picking the right wardrobe. When you enter the studio you feel like you’re entering a home (complete with a full kitchen in the back) and seeing your extended family. I always see someone I know when I step through the door which makes the atmosphere all the more welcoming and comfortable. If you’re looking for a theatrical acting class, sign up for her “Triage Class” where you will meet with Lesly and she’ll place you in a class. It’s a pretty penny for her comedy intensive, but in my opinion, it was worth every one of those pennies.

Acting classes are like dating, you have to find the one that works for you. You have to connect with your teacher, the other students and the studio in general. What might work for one person, may not work for you. I’ve been in classes where it seemed good at the beginning, but as time went on I realized it wasn’t as great as I had originally thought/hoped. When looking for an acting class you should first decide what kind of class you need: theatrical, commercial, on-camera, improv, etc. I like getting recommendations from friends and doing general research then I always audit the class or attend a free workshop to learn more about the studio and meet the teacher(s). Just remember, one person’s wonder class isn’t necessarily your wonder class. If you’re not comfortable there, leave. It’s your money and your career. If you’re an actor, where do you take your classes?

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