A Chinese Thanksgiving

20 Nov

While I’ve spent every Thanksgiving Day in Mill Valley, it has also been a tradition to go across the bay to Berkeley on Friday evening for a second Thanksgiving. This one is much less formal and is spent with my dad’s family. We also spend it at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, Tai San. It’s situated on the infamous Telegraph Avenue just past all the busy shops and street vendors. My aunt and uncle use to live just around the corner and we’d go there often when I was younger. Now it’s our go to dinner place on Thanksgiving weekend. We eat family style at one big table all ordering our favorite dish and sharing. With a dozen adults and a few little ones running around it’s a great day. And who doesn’t love Chinese food? My go to choice for many years was Sweet and Sour Chicken. When I was little it was one of the only things I would eat there, but as I got older and my taste buds expanded, I looked forward to trying new things. It’s still one of my favorite dishes to get though.

Since dad doesn’t have to cook he can spend time with one of his granddaughters. Coloring: very important. (2009)

Thanksgiving isn’t about food. It’s about family and spending time with the people you love. The food is just a bonus in my opinion, a way to bring so many people together. Turkey with stuffing or sweet and sour chicken with rice, either way, I get a special dinner with my family. It’s the only time of year that I see some of them, especially now that I’ve moved down to Los Angeles. When we’re younger we take for granted the time we spend with our family, it almost feels like a chore. But now, I count the days till I see my family again. When you only see them once a year it changes everything. So this year at Thanksgiving, take an extra moment with your family, especially the young ones. Don’t let them feel like it’s a chore to have a big family dinner, share your own memories and then make new ones with them.

My niece Mykenzie showing off her chopstick skills in 2010

My cousin-in-law Brandon and his beautiful daughter Laurna in 2009

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