On Camera Audition Class-Week 1

9 May

I started a new acting class Tuesday night and I’m already stoked. It’s with Casting Directors Meg Morman and Sunny Boling and it is a 4 week, on camera audition class. In the flyer that came in my inbox at the beginning of April said, “A 4 week intensive designed to you give you the skill and confidence needed to book the job!” It was exactly what I was looking for and for the right price-$175! (yes, that’s a good price for an acting class. No one ever said acting classes were cheap.) Once I knew my May schedule was clear, I emailed to sign up and got a confirmation from Meg that I was in.

Morman Boling Casting Class

Last week Meg and Sunny sent us an email with instructions for the first class. They asked us to prepare a short scene (about 2 pages) that was a character that we would easily be cast as.  I decided to go with a scene I had auditioned for a few months back. It was a scene from the Disney show “Jessie” and was a lot of fun. I also love comedy and feel more comfortable with it than drama. With all the work I had done on it way back when, it all came back to me as I started prepping for class.

Also in the email was a short questionnaire that Meg and Sunny asked us to fill out. It was six questions that was meant to help Meg and Sunny learn more about ourselves and how we see ourselves as actors. I actually had trouble with a couple of the questions, and in full disclosure, here are my answers…

1. Why are you taking this class?

I want to work on my audition technique and I haven’t been able to take a class since last fall.

2. What do you hope to improve or work on in class?

I want to improve my audition technique and be more comfortable in the audition room.

3. What are your audition strengths?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

4. What are your audition weaknesses?

I think I talk too loud because of my theatre background

5. What do you like and dislike about auditioning?

I love just getting to act. I don’t like the speed of some auditions or when the CD isn’t friendly.

6. What type of roles you are most obviously cast as?

Sweet natured young moms/wives. The upbeat/ditzy girl. In theatre I get cast slightly different, usually sarcastic, opinionated girl.

The first night was great. First, the class is small, 9 actors, which is perfect! I once took a class that had so many actors I felt that the teacher had no idea who any of us were. Anyway, we auditioned with our chosen scenes with Sunny and Meg (which were recorded and sent to us via email), then they talked with the whole class about the audition process, starting from the beginning. What to do when you get an audition (i.e. RESEARCH the show and the people involved!) and then we went over wardrobe. (i.e. NEVER wear scrubs to a theatrical audition unless instructed. If you’re going in for a doctor, wear something professional.) Each week they will be adding another element to the audition process. In addition to prepping in person auditions, we will also be learning how to (properly) self-tape, which I’m extra excited about!

Meg and Sunny were both so welcoming and very frank about what to do and not to do at an audition. They were relaxed themselves, which made me feel relaxed and more open to everything they said. Did you know that some people are starting to use their iPads and other electronic devices in audition rooms? It might seem like a smart idea, no rustling of pages, less wasted paper, but actually it’s not. You can be scrolling through and go way past where you are, your phone might ring or you could get a text message, or-heaven forbid-Pandora starts playing! Yikes! So remember to just print the pages yourself (never assume casting will have pages at the audition) and use them in the room. It’s okay to have them with you, it is an audition and no one expects you to be 100% off book. And if they redirect you in the room be confident enough to know that it’s okay if you look at the sides before starting again. This is your time to do your thing, don’t be afraid to take another glance at the lines.

I find out on Friday what my scene will be for Tuesday’s class. Can’t wait for the next class and to share more with you!

5 Responses to “On Camera Audition Class-Week 1”

  1. Mary Ann Williams May 10, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    How exciting! Can’t wait to read your next installment! 🙂


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