On Camera Audition Class-Week 4

31 May

Morman Boling Casting ClassThis is a continuation from Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.

It was the final week of class. We were all given scenes from films this time to prepare (as opposed to TV as we had last week). I worked on it through the weekend, trying different ways and memorizing the lines. Because it was the last class, when we did our scenes in class we worked through notes and adjustments in more detail while we auditioned. I felt more comfortable doing this scene than I had previous scenes in class and therefore more confident.

After we all did our scenes Meg and Sunny talked about networking. As actors we are told that part of our job is meeting people and making connections. So we attend film premieres, networking events, classes, plays, and anything else that can connect us with people in the industry. It also means following up with people we meet. Sending postcards and thank you cards. Keeping people updated with what you’re doing. Book something? Send a postcard-it’s great news! In a show? Send a postcard! Ah, but make sure the postcard has all the right information!

  • Your Name (yes, postcards have been sent without a name, just a picture)
  • Contact Information (your email if you’re unrepresented or your agent/manager’s)
  • Show Information (date(s) of show, times, address (if theatre))
  • And don’t put important information at the bottom of the postcard, it might be covered by the post office’s bar code
The front of one of my postcards

The front of one of my postcards

So if you have a picture (or 2 or 3) on one side, make sure there’s a place on the backside to put your message. If you’re doing a mass mailing use a great shortcut and print labels with your message. You don’t want to get a hand cramp writing out the same message 100 times (or more). I like to do that and then sign my name. And if I know the casting person sometimes I’ll add something more personal to them.

But where to get all those addresses for casting you ask? Well the best place is CastingAbout.com. It’s an online directory of all the casting directors and their current projects and addresses. It’s updated constantly so you can be sure the addresses are correct. You can select whomever you wish and search multiple ways: dramas, comedies, films, shooting, on hiatus, etc. The addresses are downloadable as address labels so all you have to do is print and then put them on your postcards, add postage and send them out! Be careful though, if you know the casting person, or they were the ones who cast you on what you’re announcing, either don’t send them a postcard or make sure it’s personal.

Finally, if you happen to meet a casting director you’ve met before don’t be afraid to say hi. But at the same time, don’t feel like you can only talk about your current acting life. If the question is asked, “How are you doing?” it’s about life in general. Did you just come back from vacation? Just move to a new place? Talk about that. CDs are people too and when you randomly run into them don’t feel like you have to “be on”, you’re just a person too.

Meg and Sunny opened it up to any questions we might have. Anything at all. It was asked how the submissions look when they come in and rather than describe it, they showed us. Those submissions who have a video attached are on the first pages. The picture that our representation chose (or we chose if we submitted from Actors Access) is what shows up with the first part of any notes left right below. Casting can click on each person and see their resume, other photos and video on our profile. So no matter what video clip you attach to your submission, casting can look at all video you have on your profile.

I had a great time in this class and I highly recommend it to all actors. Meg and Sunny were great and put us all at ease. It never felt like they didn’t want to be there, you could tell they were enjoying it as much as we were. I hope they decide to do another class with different topics covered, I’d sign up in a heart beat!

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  1. Mary Ann Williams June 4, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    Your head shots look fab! 🙂

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