Thanksgiving Tips: Cooking Ahead

26 Nov

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can seem daunting. Even if you’ve done it many times before. I still get nervous, even though I’ve been in the kitchen for about five years and I cook with my dad. You know what makes cooking dinner (especially for a large group of people) easier? Making a few items ahead of time. For the items I made either last Thanksgiving or Christmas I have linked to their recipe. Do you make anything ahead of time? Have questions about anything I’ve listed? Leave a comment below!

Cook Ahead Thanksgiving

  1. Cranberry Sauce: Raw or Cooked, make a day or two before and keep refrigerated until dinner. Serve cold, room temp or hot (the cooked one).
  2. Pumpkin Pie. Keep covered in the fridge for a couple of days and serve chilled (with whipped cream of course!)
  3. Roasted Garlic. Don’t make the potatoes, but you can definitely roast your garlic the night before. Keep it wrapped in aluminum foil in the fridge until needed.
  4. Dinner Rolls. Well not all the way. But make the dough and set them in your pan and keep covered. After you take your turkey out of the oven, turn down the heat and stick your rolls in to bake. (Sorry no recipe yet, this Christmas though!)
  5. Butternut Squash and Apples (a side dish my family made last year). We made it the night before and reheated on the stove after taking the turkey out of the oven.

You don’t have to cook ahead, but it can make the kitchen a little less hectic the day of. Use that extra time to spend more time with friends and family. Watch the parade or watch the big game. However you end up spending Thursday I hope it’s a good one. Stay tuned to my Instagram, Twitter feed and my Facebook page for all the adventures I’m having in San Francisco.

I want to know how you’re celebrating as well, so be sure to share your own photos of Turkey Day with me online! I will also try to answer any questions you may have throughout the day so tweet me @sarahallynbauer or post to Facebook and I’ll respond as soon as my hands are clean 😉

Happy Thanksgiving

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