We’re No Heroes Monologue Show

17 Jan

Eclectic Company TheatreI love starting my year off acting. Like last year I did the One-Day Play extravaganza once again! (See the photo below of me in action.) And it was a blast! This year, I was asked to be a part of Eclectic Company Theatre’s writers group in their monologue show at the end of January. I quickly said yes since I love the director Taylor Ashbrook, and I would be performing a monologue by one of my favorite writers from ECT, Chelsea Sutton. There are 9 monologues total, all written by members of the writers group: Taylor Ashbrook, Laura Lee Bahr, Mark Bate, Niki Blumberg, Jeff Folschinsky, Sean M. Kozma, Ken Patton and Tyler Tanner. The actors (who include a couple of the writers) include: Taylor Ashbrook, Paul Duffy, Fuz Edwards, Sean Kozma, Ann Simmons, Tyler Tanner, Jonathon Trent, Carolyn Wilson. Some of the monologues are from plays they had written and some written especially for the show. There are funny ones, sentimental ones, and a couple that really make you reflect on life.

Eclectic Company Theatre One Day Play

I played Veronica Mars in the first half and then Josephine the Camel in the second half.

It was a fast rehearsal process. We had about 10 days to memorize and work through some blocking and minor tech with only 3 actual rehearsals. The monologues range from less than a page to almost three pages. Mine landed at just over two pages. And while I cursed Chelsea’s name the first few days of memorization (sorry Chelsea, you know I really do love you), I knew it would come because I memorize a play in 12 hours every year on New Year’s Eve, and for this I had 10 days, so no problem!

Actors have to stay active. We can’t rely on getting a TV or film gig every other week to keep us going. So while we wait for those opportunities to come in we “stay in shape” by doing theatre, taking classes, and just getting together with friends and working out our acting muscles. Doing this monologue show has been a lot of fun and it’s exciting to do a whole story in a mere 8 minutes. I really like Marley (my character). She’s my age and is experiencing what most 20-somethings go through as they near the dreaded age of 30: a slight panic of “what the f*&@ am I doing with my life?!”. And while I feel lucky that I don’t work in a fast food joint, I feel her pain (and panic). Chelsea captured that without making it a sad and depressing. It’s a very funny piece and I’m lucky that I’m the girl who gets to bring her to life for the first time.

If you’re in Los Angeles I hope you can join us. There are only 4 performances: Friday and Saturday January 17, 18,  24 and 25 at 9pm at Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91607. It’s Pay What You Can so come by and enjoy a fun night of theatre that you’ll never have the chance to see again! Running time is approximately 65 minutes. And be sure to follow my Instagram account to see photos posted from the event!

We're No Heroes, Eclectic Company Theatre

We’re No Heroes

2 Responses to “We’re No Heroes Monologue Show”

  1. taybrook February 6, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

    You were wonderful as Marley!

    • actinglikeachef February 6, 2014 at 10:42 pm #

      Thanks lady! I had a great director and great words 😉

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