Help Sarah Find Her Signature Dish!

12 Feb

HELP!!! I’ve been asked recently what my “signature dish” is by a few people and I was at a loss for words. (Don’t laugh mom!) I love to cook and to bake, but one dish that defines me? Or one category that defines me? That’s a tough question. When you turn on Food Network or the Cooking Channel every program is built around the chef’s specialty. Every professional chef is known for something. And even most amateur ones have something that they go back to again and again. But what about me? Hmmmm…..


So I’m asking you, my loyal followers, friends and family to tell me what you think of when you think of me cooking. Feel free to add your own dish to the poll. What is Chef Sarah most known for? What do you think is my best dish? Who better to help me choose my signature dish than those who I cook for? And you can vote more than once so if you’re debating between two, come back and vote again! And if you have more to say than a simple poll answer, please leave a comment below. Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

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