8 Jul

I shot my second TV co-star back in March for the new TNT show “Murder In The First”, and it aired last night (look for a rerun on Sunday!), episode 5, “Pants On Fire”.

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

I auditioned on a Saturday in March. Yes, you heard me right, I auditioned on a Saturday. It was the day before the Oscars when it was pouring in Los Angeles. My dad was in town to help with my Oscar party and he came along and waited in the car while I went in for my audition. (He brought along a book and even took a short nap!) And while we waited for about an hour, it was a fun hour because all of us waiting on the porch had a good time. We laughed about auditioning on a Saturday and how crazy Angelenos get when it rains. By the time I went into the audition room I was pretty relaxed and was able to just have fun in the room.

I enjoyed the rest of the weekend and then on Monday night I got the news that I was the producers’ choice for the role of Tara and was pinned with the official offer to come on Tuesday afternoon. I was completely stoked and my roommate even said that she figured that either I had been asked out by a really cute guy or I had booked a job. I told her I booked a job 🙂 Until the official offer came through the next afternoon though I didn’t tell anyone else.

The big thing that came out of this job though, was that I joined SAG-AFTRA, the actors union. I had set aside money in a savings account back in 2009 after I moved to Los Angeles so that I would be able to join when the time was right. I had been anxious to become a union member for awhile. I told myself that with the next TV or film booking, no matter what, I would join the union. So on that Monday night I paid off my credit card, printed out all the forms and signed on the dotted line. On Tuesday afternoon I drove down to the Los Angeles headquarters on Wilshire Blvd and turned everything in. For some reason I was expecting it to take a while but it was the simplest thing I’d ever done and I left there with a big smile on my face.

SAG-AFTRA headquarters on Wilshire Blvd

SAG-AFTRA headquarters on Wilshire Blvd

The following Monday afternoon I drove to the set in Glendale and had my wardrobe fitting. They had pulled a number of items for me to try on. Dresses, skirts and blouses, and various cardigans and shoes. The first dress I put on was my favorite and was hoping I would find it hanging in my trailer the next morning.

Murder In The First wardrobe

The dress I was hoping to wear! Yay!

Murder In The First wardrobe

My shoes. Super comfy!

My alarm went off at just after 4:30am Tuesday morning. I had a 5:30am call time and lucky for me the studio was about a 12 minute drive away. I’m glad I didn’t have to do my hair or make-up, as I was barely awake when I left my apartment just after 5am. I arrived on set and after some wrong directions by a security guard, I called the AD and he directed me back to where I was supposed to park. (Always make sure you have your AD’s cell phone with you on your way to set!) A couple of lovely PAs (who I have great empathy for since they had to be there at 5am) showed me to my trailer and there hanging inside was the dress I was so hoping for! Yay!

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

That’s me!

Murder In The First wardrobe

It’s the little details that matter. I loved my broach!

I asked where I could get a cup of coffee and some breakfast and they pointed me in the direction of the catering truck, however they said I had to go directly to hair and make-up, but they would bring me whatever I wanted. I must admit, I felt a little silly having someone bring me breakfast, but I was very excited when they handed me a large cup of coffee and a delicious omelette as I sat getting my hair done.

murder in the first

Getting my hair done and feeling like a star

I’ve never been good at doing my own hair, as it never seems to listen to me, but the pros have always made it look so effortless. I loved my hair with all the curls and they stayed until I woke up the next morning! I loved my make-up too! I felt like I needed to go out for the night after I wrapped, lol.

Sarah Allyn Bauer

My hair is all done and I’m ready for my make-up!

The sky was just starting to turn a light grey when I walked back to my trailer to change and get a second cup of coffee. At about 7am, me and the three other actors in the scene (including Richard Schiff from “The West Wing”!) were loaded into a van and driven to the restaurant that we were shooting at. We met the director, Allison Anders, who was absolutely lovely and great to work with. We ran through the blocking of the scene and then they started shooting. They shot from multiple angles, and one of my lines was cut to help the scene move smoothly.

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

I’m ready for my close-up!

On location in Glendale shooting "Murder In The First".

On location in Glendale shooting “Murder In The First”.

Allison was really kind after we wrapped and came up to me and wanted to make sure I knew that we didn’t cut the line because of me, but because of how the scene was now flowing with the way the restaurant was set up. I thought that was very sweet of her and it made me feel very much a part of the show, even for just the 30 seconds you’ll see me.

Murder In The First Co-Stars

Me and my co-stars waiting for the next take!

Sarah Allyn Bauer as TaraSarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

I’m all wrapped on “Murder In The First”!

I was wrapped and leaving the set at about 9:30am, just four short hours after I had arrived. Everyone I worked with that day were absolute pros and lovely to work with. The prop guys even said I could take the food with me if I wanted to, LOL! (I didn’t.) All in all it was a fabulous morning, and I slept so well that night. As I write this I just hope I didn’t get cut! hahaha! Hope you enjoyed the episode nonetheless! Until next time!

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First selfie

A post shoot selfie and ready for a night on the town!

6 Responses to “TV Co-Star: MURDER IN THE FIRST”

  1. July 8, 2014 at 5:56 pm #

    I love, love, love, love the blog and I am sooooo glad its on again on sunday cause housesitter did not tape it for me! damn.Eileen

  2. Mary Ann Williams July 8, 2014 at 7:21 pm #

    My rerun happens at 8am Saturday. You & breakfast… Yeeeaahhh!! 🙂

  3. kris orton July 9, 2014 at 8:55 am #

    Hi Sarah. I missed your show and want to record the rerun but can’t find it scheduled for any time on Sunday on TNT. Do you have any more information that might help me find it. I’m so excited for you!!!! Congratulations!!! ~Kris

    Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 20:46:37 +0000 To:

    • actinglikeachef July 9, 2014 at 9:31 am #

      Thanks Kris!!! I know you can watch the episode on right now. Depending on what cable service you have you should be able to do a search for upcoming airings. Just look for the episode titled “Pants on Fire”.

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