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Ice Water Challenge 2014

13 Jul Mineral King Swimming Hole

I’ve blogged before about the importance of charity in my life. One of the biggest influences in my life was the California Rainbow For Girls. People have asked me where I became a well-adjusted (well that can be debated, lol) young woman, and I always point to Rainbow. One of the values they instill in their members is charity and community service. Each year a California charity is chosen as the state service project. When I was a state officer in 2002-2003, we raised just over $108,000 for Camp Sunshine Dreams, a summer camp for kids with cancer that started through the Valley Children’s Hospital in the Central Valley. This year money is being raised for the Scottish Rite Clinic for Childhood Language Disorders.

This year a challenge was put forth via Facebook, the Ice/Cold Water Challenge. This social media campaign has been used around the world by now for various charities. Early last week I started seeing videos pop up in my Facebook news feed from my fellow Rainbow friends dumping ice-cold water on themselves and each other and donating $10 to the Grand Service Project. After watching the third or fourth video I knew my dry days were numbered. Well on Thursday evening I received a Facebook notification that I had been tagged in a video by my friend Lauren Pinnella, who served as the same office as I had in 2009. I now had 48 hours to complete the challenge or pay $100 towards the Grand Service Project. As a poor, starving artist I knew I had to figure out a way to get dumped in cold water. With my trip to my hometown of Three Rivers the following evening I decided to do the challenge “country style” and jump in the cold Kaweah river!

Kaweah River Bridge 1923, Mineral King

Quick photo at the Historic Kaweah River Bridge 1923 in Mineral King.

I enlisted my sister and her boyfriend to help me and we went up into Mineral King and walked along the flume to a secluded spot that had a deep pool we could jump into. Because when you’re going to swim in snow melt water you don’t dip a foot in, you jump all the way.

Mineral King Flume

Liz and I on the flume on our way to a secluded swimming spot!

Mineral King Valley

Looking up the Mineral King Valley

Liz and I counted to three and made the leap. It was cold water indeed!!!

ice water play button

But it also felt amazing! Especially with the 100 degree weather that afternoon. We ended up doing a couple more jumps before leaving it felt so good!

Mineral King Swimming Hole

The secluded swimming spot. Ready to jump!

Post Snow Melt Water Jump! It feels good!

Post Snow Melt Water Jump! It feels good!

On our way home we even stopped at the infamous Reimer’s Candies and Gifts for homemade ice cream. Chocolate chip! Yummm!

Reimer's Candies and Gifts

Reimer’s Candies and Gifts, a local candy and ice cream store.

Part of the challenge is calling out your friends to do the challenge and continue the fundraising. I called out my Rainbow friends Jill Brown, Shannyn Allan, Erin Dunlap, Laura Gephart, and the Hopper family: Richard and Judi Hopper and Jana Ferguson. But because I want to spread acts of kindness everywhere, I challenge everyone reading this to the Ice Water Challenge. Pick the charity of your choice and get dunked with ice or cold water and give them $10 or stay dry and donate $100! This challenge is all on you and I obviously can’t track you down. But if you do the challenge by the end of July 2014 and either upload the video online (and be sure to tag me or send me the link!) or send to me to upload for you, I will donate an additional $2 to the Scottish Rite Clinic! I want to see the Unforgettable Unicorns raise boat loads of money this year! You have 19 days and I hope you’ll join me and the rest of California Rainbow on this challenge and spread a little kindness. Happy Dunking!


8 Jul Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

I shot my second TV co-star back in March for the new TNT show “Murder In The First”, and it aired last night (look for a rerun on Sunday!), episode 5, “Pants On Fire”.

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

I auditioned on a Saturday in March. Yes, you heard me right, I auditioned on a Saturday. It was the day before the Oscars when it was pouring in Los Angeles. My dad was in town to help with my Oscar party and he came along and waited in the car while I went in for my audition. (He brought along a book and even took a short nap!) And while we waited for about an hour, it was a fun hour because all of us waiting on the porch had a good time. We laughed about auditioning on a Saturday and how crazy Angelenos get when it rains. By the time I went into the audition room I was pretty relaxed and was able to just have fun in the room.

I enjoyed the rest of the weekend and then on Monday night I got the news that I was the producers’ choice for the role of Tara and was pinned with the official offer to come on Tuesday afternoon. I was completely stoked and my roommate even said that she figured that either I had been asked out by a really cute guy or I had booked a job. I told her I booked a job 🙂 Until the official offer came through the next afternoon though I didn’t tell anyone else.

The big thing that came out of this job though, was that I joined SAG-AFTRA, the actors union. I had set aside money in a savings account back in 2009 after I moved to Los Angeles so that I would be able to join when the time was right. I had been anxious to become a union member for awhile. I told myself that with the next TV or film booking, no matter what, I would join the union. So on that Monday night I paid off my credit card, printed out all the forms and signed on the dotted line. On Tuesday afternoon I drove down to the Los Angeles headquarters on Wilshire Blvd and turned everything in. For some reason I was expecting it to take a while but it was the simplest thing I’d ever done and I left there with a big smile on my face.

SAG-AFTRA headquarters on Wilshire Blvd

SAG-AFTRA headquarters on Wilshire Blvd

The following Monday afternoon I drove to the set in Glendale and had my wardrobe fitting. They had pulled a number of items for me to try on. Dresses, skirts and blouses, and various cardigans and shoes. The first dress I put on was my favorite and was hoping I would find it hanging in my trailer the next morning.

Murder In The First wardrobe

The dress I was hoping to wear! Yay!

Murder In The First wardrobe

My shoes. Super comfy!

My alarm went off at just after 4:30am Tuesday morning. I had a 5:30am call time and lucky for me the studio was about a 12 minute drive away. I’m glad I didn’t have to do my hair or make-up, as I was barely awake when I left my apartment just after 5am. I arrived on set and after some wrong directions by a security guard, I called the AD and he directed me back to where I was supposed to park. (Always make sure you have your AD’s cell phone with you on your way to set!) A couple of lovely PAs (who I have great empathy for since they had to be there at 5am) showed me to my trailer and there hanging inside was the dress I was so hoping for! Yay!

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

That’s me!

Murder In The First wardrobe

It’s the little details that matter. I loved my broach!

I asked where I could get a cup of coffee and some breakfast and they pointed me in the direction of the catering truck, however they said I had to go directly to hair and make-up, but they would bring me whatever I wanted. I must admit, I felt a little silly having someone bring me breakfast, but I was very excited when they handed me a large cup of coffee and a delicious omelette as I sat getting my hair done.

murder in the first

Getting my hair done and feeling like a star

I’ve never been good at doing my own hair, as it never seems to listen to me, but the pros have always made it look so effortless. I loved my hair with all the curls and they stayed until I woke up the next morning! I loved my make-up too! I felt like I needed to go out for the night after I wrapped, lol.

Sarah Allyn Bauer

My hair is all done and I’m ready for my make-up!

The sky was just starting to turn a light grey when I walked back to my trailer to change and get a second cup of coffee. At about 7am, me and the three other actors in the scene (including Richard Schiff from “The West Wing”!) were loaded into a van and driven to the restaurant that we were shooting at. We met the director, Allison Anders, who was absolutely lovely and great to work with. We ran through the blocking of the scene and then they started shooting. They shot from multiple angles, and one of my lines was cut to help the scene move smoothly.

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

I’m ready for my close-up!

On location in Glendale shooting "Murder In The First".

On location in Glendale shooting “Murder In The First”.

Allison was really kind after we wrapped and came up to me and wanted to make sure I knew that we didn’t cut the line because of me, but because of how the scene was now flowing with the way the restaurant was set up. I thought that was very sweet of her and it made me feel very much a part of the show, even for just the 30 seconds you’ll see me.

Murder In The First Co-Stars

Me and my co-stars waiting for the next take!

Sarah Allyn Bauer as TaraSarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First

I’m all wrapped on “Murder In The First”!

I was wrapped and leaving the set at about 9:30am, just four short hours after I had arrived. Everyone I worked with that day were absolute pros and lovely to work with. The prop guys even said I could take the food with me if I wanted to, LOL! (I didn’t.) All in all it was a fabulous morning, and I slept so well that night. As I write this I just hope I didn’t get cut! hahaha! Hope you enjoyed the episode nonetheless! Until next time!

Sarah Allyn Bauer as Tara on Murder In The First selfie

A post shoot selfie and ready for a night on the town!

We’re No Heroes Monologue Show

17 Jan We're No Heroes, Eclectic Company Theatre

Eclectic Company TheatreI love starting my year off acting. Like last year I did the One-Day Play extravaganza once again! (See the photo below of me in action.) And it was a blast! This year, I was asked to be a part of Eclectic Company Theatre’s writers group in their monologue show at the end of January. I quickly said yes since I love the director Taylor Ashbrook, and I would be performing a monologue by one of my favorite writers from ECT, Chelsea Sutton. There are 9 monologues total, all written by members of the writers group: Taylor Ashbrook, Laura Lee Bahr, Mark Bate, Niki Blumberg, Jeff Folschinsky, Sean M. Kozma, Ken Patton and Tyler Tanner. The actors (who include a couple of the writers) include: Taylor Ashbrook, Paul Duffy, Fuz Edwards, Sean Kozma, Ann Simmons, Tyler Tanner, Jonathon Trent, Carolyn Wilson. Some of the monologues are from plays they had written and some written especially for the show. There are funny ones, sentimental ones, and a couple that really make you reflect on life.

Eclectic Company Theatre One Day Play

I played Veronica Mars in the first half and then Josephine the Camel in the second half.

It was a fast rehearsal process. We had about 10 days to memorize and work through some blocking and minor tech with only 3 actual rehearsals. The monologues range from less than a page to almost three pages. Mine landed at just over two pages. And while I cursed Chelsea’s name the first few days of memorization (sorry Chelsea, you know I really do love you), I knew it would come because I memorize a play in 12 hours every year on New Year’s Eve, and for this I had 10 days, so no problem!

Actors have to stay active. We can’t rely on getting a TV or film gig every other week to keep us going. So while we wait for those opportunities to come in we “stay in shape” by doing theatre, taking classes, and just getting together with friends and working out our acting muscles. Doing this monologue show has been a lot of fun and it’s exciting to do a whole story in a mere 8 minutes. I really like Marley (my character). She’s my age and is experiencing what most 20-somethings go through as they near the dreaded age of 30: a slight panic of “what the f*&@ am I doing with my life?!”. And while I feel lucky that I don’t work in a fast food joint, I feel her pain (and panic). Chelsea captured that without making it a sad and depressing. It’s a very funny piece and I’m lucky that I’m the girl who gets to bring her to life for the first time.

If you’re in Los Angeles I hope you can join us. There are only 4 performances: Friday and Saturday January 17, 18,  24 and 25 at 9pm at Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91607. It’s Pay What You Can so come by and enjoy a fun night of theatre that you’ll never have the chance to see again! Running time is approximately 65 minutes. And be sure to follow my Instagram account to see photos posted from the event!

We're No Heroes, Eclectic Company Theatre

We’re No Heroes

My First TV Co-Star Part 2

18 Oct Sarah Allyn Bauer, Masters of Sex

Continued from Part 1

This first day of shooting also happened to be the same day that another client of my manager was shooting another new Showtime show “Ray Donovan”. Stacy Arnell arrived just before my lunch break and stopped by to say hello. So after I ate I wandered over to her set and found her in make-up and hair and we chatted for a bit. I did some more wandering around the Sony lot before making my way back to the MOS set. She came back to visit me while she was waiting to shoot and we took a quick photo to send to our manager.

Stacy Arnell and Sarah Allyn Bauer

Stacy Arnell and I after she finished hair and make-up for “Ray Donovan”

Sarah Allyn Bauer, Masters of Sex

All dressed and ready to go to set!

I ended up sitting in my trailer until about 7pm (I finished my book that I had brought and played enough Angry Birds that I had to charge my cell phone) when I was finally called to set. Julie and Norma were on set and gave me a touch up while I waited. We also were given dinner. When I took my place, the director talked me through the scene: they were shooting me from behind first while the series leads, Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, did their speech. They did this with two other actors, then released Michael and Lizzy, reset the cameras and I got ready for my close-up. We did three different takes and then I was released. Super easy and super fun. It was almost 10pm by the time I was changed and leaving set. I was given my call time for the next day (12:30pm-yay!) and I drove home exhausted, but very happy.

Dinner is served for day 2!

Dinner is served for day 2!

In order to save time for day 2, Norma asked me to sleep in my hair. Before I left on Wednesday evening she pinned it up and told me to sleep with it covered. So when I got to set Thursday she removed her pins and freshened up my hair and it was as good as day 1. She’s amazing. Julie did my make-up again, which was fabulous once again.

1950s hair

Loved how my hair came out!

Sarah Allyn Bauer, Masters of Sex

My character was married so they even gave me a ring.

While they had initially thought they would shoot me before lunch, they ended up breaking for lunch before my scene. I had brought a new book with me and hung out in my trailer after lunch and went to set around 5pm. Day 2 happened to be Valentine’s Day, so the hair and make-up department had got the Coolhaus ice cream truck to come to the set. Wahoo! So while I was waiting to shoot my scene, one of the PAs went and got me a bowl of ice cream so I wouldn’t miss anything (best PA ever!!!). Everyone on that set was so wonderful.

Coolhaus ice cream

Coolhaus ice cream for Valentine’s Day

My final scene was shot a few different ways. The scene contained some nudity so they used what is called a closed set. And I can’t commend everyone there more for their professionalism. I knew what I was getting into when I auditioned, but when the boom operator (the guy who holds the mike) even turns away during shooting I felt very well taken care of.

A lot of my friends were shocked that I chose to be topless and some said I was brave to do it. I have always been of the mind that there are two kinds of nudity: the kind that furthers the story so you don’t even realize it’s happening, and the kind that has a young girl running through a forest naked from an axe murderer just so we can see a young girl naked. (There’s also the Lena Dunham nudity, but that’s a whole other post.) I’m okay with the first, but not the latter. And I know that every actor has their own feelings toward doing nudity, it’s a personal choice and one that no actor should ever be pressured into. For a show like “Masters of Sex” though, it just felt right. Americans tend to be prudish about sex, and watching the first few episodes of MOS I can’t believe that those studies actually happened, and in the 1950s no less! No similar studies have happened since and I don’t know if there would be any decade since then that they could have happened.

The set for the secretary pool on "Masters of Sex"

The set for the secretary pool on “Masters of Sex”

I was wrapped and back in my own clothes by 7pm. I left the Sony lot feeling like a million bucks. The entire process, from the casting session with Risa, to the on set PAs like Mona, the hair and make-up crew, the boom operator, the director Jennifer Getzinger, everyone had a great attitude, was professional, and a lot of fun to spend my time with. I look forward to the next job I book, but it will be hard to beat the 2 days I spent at Stage 27 on the Sony Lot.

Stage 27, where MOS shoots

Stage 27, where MOS shoots

Sony Pictures Studio

Heading home after 2 wonderful days of shooting.

Sarah Allyn Bauer, Masters of Sex

On set of “Masters of Sex”!

*Please note that “Masters of Sex” is rated TVMA and is for mature audiences only.*


1 Mar

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, I had a great time shooting a short film. It was my first film that I would be getting paid for and I was one of the leads. Last December I got a message on Facebook from a friend, Ryan, from acting class at Lesly Kahn that he was doing a short film and the director wanted to use me as the female lead. I didn’t have to audition, the director/writer, Christopher Stewart, trusted Ryan’s judgement. That weekend I went to Chris’ house to meet him and the third actor to join us. It turned out to be a tree trimming party and I had a blast with everyone there. I read through the script as soon as I got it and was laughing out loud! I couldn’t wait to shoot in January!

Straight Outta Rehab Cast L-R: Sarah Allyn Bauer, Ryan Nolan, Matthew Steven Herrick

Straight Outta Rehab Cast L-R: Sarah Allyn Bauer, Ryan Nolan, Matthew Steven Herrick

I play Zoe, a Christian Fundamentalist who is hoping to get married before she turns 30, which is only two years away, but the man needs to be perfect. And from church. I go on a date with Paul (played by Ryan Nolan), who is fresh out of rehab run by my pastor, so I know he’s on the right path. Everything seems great, until our waiter, Danny (played by Matthew Steven Herrick), gets into our heads.

You Tube Trailer

A week before shooting we all met for a read thru and some rehearsal. Time was going to be tight at our location so we needed to be sure all blocking was set before we got there the following week. It was a 15 page script and the rhythm of the lines needed to be just right, so we ran through it a number of times that afternoon. We met one more time the following Saturday and we were ready and excited to start shooting the next day.

Timmy was hard at work making the pasta the day before. Photobomb by Ryan!

Timmy was hard at work making the pasta the day before. Photo-bomb by Ryan!

My alarm clock went off bright and early Sunday morning (ie. 6am) and after a quick shower and some fresh coffee from Peet’s (because getting up that early I definitely need coffee right away) I was on my way to my first day of shooting. We shot at a bar in Silver Lake, which was a mere 15 minutes from my apartment. And at 6:30 in the morning there is no traffic, a true rarity in Los Angeles. I had a fabulous make-up artist Austyn Cuccia to make me look pretty, then into wardrobe. I was the first shot of the day. Our fabulous Director of Photography (the DP), Matt Brodie, made us all look good on camera.  It was a great Sunday shoot and we were done at noon as another event was coming in for the afternoon. It was actually perfect because I had a rehearsal down in Hollywood at 1pm, so off I went.

My fabulous hair and make-up artist, Austyn Coccia, working hard.

My fabulous hair and make-up artist, Austyn Coccia, working hard.

Straight Outta Rehab

Our dinner table

Our dinner table

Monday morning came too quickly and once more my alarm went off before the sun came up. It was another great day of shooting and with all the cranberry juice Ryan and I drank (aka, fake red wine) it’s safe to say no UTI’s were happening, lol. We never had to eat the cold pasta so that was another upside. My favorite part was making sure all the wine bottles and candles in the background were in just the right spots. There was also fun in doing hair and make-up in partial darkness. But Austyn was fabulous and worked quickly when the lights could come back on in between takes. We wrapped on time and made plans to have a wrap party later in the week. There was extra snack and breakfast food that we got to take home with us. I grabbed whatever no one else wanted and have been passing out potato chips and individually wrapped danishes to the homeless of Los Angeles ever since.

Matt Brodie, our DP, setting up one of my close-ups.

Matt Brodie, our DP, setting up one of my close-ups.

Dave gives a thumbs up.

Dave gives a thumbs up.

Hard working PA Brent sitting in for Ryan.

Hard working PA Brent sitting in for Ryan.

Hard working PA Mo getting ready to hang a lantern.

Hard working PA Mo getting ready to hang a lantern.

Shout outs to the rest of our awesome and hard-working crew: Timmy Paul, fab producer; Stephen Parsey, awesome editor; Dave Beresford, stellar boom operator (and another Lesly Kahn student and friend), Colleen Nolan, amazing wardrobe; Mohamed El Emam and Brent Aronowitz, amazing PAs .

Straight Outta Rehab, Day 2 Wrapped

Straight Outta Rehab, Day 2 Wrapped

It was a fabulous two days. I recently got to see a first cut of the film and it looks great! It will be submitted to film festivals here in southern California as well as other festivals around the country. When you get to do what you actually love to do, a 6am alarm clock, cold pasta and lots of cranberry juice don’t seem to matter. For two days I got to be an actress. I got to shoot a short film with two other fabulous actors and an amazing crew. And I can’t wait for the next one!

Straight Outta Rehab, starring (L-R): Ryan Nolan, Sarah Allyn Bauer and Matthew Steven Herrick

Straight Outta Rehab, starring (L-R): Ryan Nolan, Sarah Allyn Bauer and Matthew Steven Herrick

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